Are you a restaurant owner, a pub owner or any just looking for something original to serve your customers?

LePie is a great solution to surprise your customers with, not just because they look and taste great, but because they can be served really quickly!

You can order your pies 3 days in advance and have them delivered either frozen and fresh. Once in your kitchen all you have to do is heat them up in your oven (17 min) and then serve them with just about any side dish of your choice. We recommend salads as we already know how our customers appreciate it with our pies.

Now if this is not fast enough you can then use a pie warmers (heated display) where you can keep your pies warm and crispy for at least 4-5 hours. This is a great method it allows you to serve LePie immediately.

For more information on how LePie can be part of your business please contact us on or if you’re in hurry call us on +41 (0)21/828.23.41.

Where to have a LePie served (warm and delicious)