August 14, 2017

A major move for our production unit and welcome to a new partner.

We have the pleasure of informing you that as of the 14th of August 2017 House of Foods (owner of LePie) and Suter Viandes SA joined forces under an exclusive license agreement. Having worked tirelessly for the past 3 years on building LePie into a respectable quality brand, we decided that in order to continue our growth it was important to find the right company who shared our philosophy in using local produce and delivering the best possible quality at competitive prices. After several months of discussions and of course eating lots of pies, Suter Viandes and House of Foods agreed that LePie was a perfect bond for the two companies to join forces.

The essential operational changes are the following:

Suter viandes will assure all production and logistics as well as the invoicing.

Blaise Corminboeuf and his team at Boucherie du Palais (owned by Suter) will be preparing and developing our recipes.

House of Foods will be the main point of contact for all aspects concerning LePie and will continue to develop all marketing and sales strategy.

A big thank you goes to Blaise Corminboeuf as well as Michel, Philippe and Pascal Gerber and their team for the support and energy in making this a success.

We would like to thank you, our customers for your continued support of LePie and assure you of our full attention in making sure that you are always delivered the best quality in the most efficient manner.