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    Ginger, smoked paprika, cumin and a pinch of cayenne pepper mixed with Planted strips, are just some of the ingredients that will send you on a journey of flavours from the Mississippi river. Wrapped in our well established short crust pastry to preserve those wonderful flavours this is our second 100% vegetarian pie that brings you texture and flavours.

    Ingredients: Planted protein strips, cider vinegar, soja sauce, cane sugar, Ginger, smoked paprika, Cumin, garlic, red & green peppers, tomatoes, red beans, salt and pepper.

    Net WT. 270g


    • Pre-heat your oven at 190° without the fan if you can avoid it 
    • Large Pies: Take the plastic off and place your pies on an oven grill in the middle of the oven. 
    • Check after 17-20 min, if pastry is nice and crispy, you’re good to go 
    • Mini Pies: Take off the aluminium foil and place in the oven 
    • Check after 10-12 min, if pastry is nice and crispy, you’re good to go 
    • Some ovens take longer, but it’s worth the wait! 

    If you are taking your pies out of the freezer place in the oven at 150° for about 40-45 minutes. 

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